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ACTICARE Premium Shield RH3
ACTICARE is a highly water-repellent, durable, resin based, high-concentration coating agent completed by high-grade material with a completely different molecular structure from the conventional synthetic wax.
Spray on a small amount of this solution on a piece of cloth (micro fiber etc.) after washing the car and wipe the vehicle dry.
The product will form a film with water repellency and polished finish, effective for a long time, by simply drying your vehicle.
A high quality gloss finish will be obtained since the product has high transparency after it hardens.
The film created by the product deteriorates at a slow rate so; it is possible to form a thicker film after every use.

Main Characteristics of the Product
Because of the products nature to not bond with organic impurities such as dirt, oil (ag. pitch and tar), bird droppings, dead insects, dust, and other material; the impurities/foulage will not stick and can be easily washed away.
It is also has an excellent antistatic performance, which will prevent fouling from mud and dirt while driving in the rain.
It has a large capacity of 200 ml. It is quite economical because a small quantity spreads very well. (About 10 to 15 application are possible with normal cars.)
The product is water based and does not contain any harsh cleaning agents and polishing chemical, so it is gentle to the paint on the vehicle, the human body, and the environment. The product can also be used on interior parts as well. (If the object is not wet, please wet it and apply it.)
Because of its no- slippery nature, it can also be used for steering wheels, operation buttons, touch panels, etc. (If the object is not wet, please wets the cross etc.
It is also ideal for coating agents for water-repellant coatings and maintenance of water-repellent coated construction vehicles.
The product produced in Japan at high concentrations with high-quality raw materials of Japanese domestic production.

Highly Recommendation:
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Maintenance of Professional Grass Coating
Paint Protection Film

1. Wash your vehicle with car shampoo, cleaner, etc., and rinse the detergent thoroughly with water.
2. Shake the bottle of ACTICARE Premium Shield RH3 well.
3. While the vehicle is still wet, spray a small amount of ACTICARE Premium Shield RH3 on the cloth and wipe it up while spreading it.
(For a standard sized vehicle, one spray will be sufficient for one door)
4. If you finish wipe carefully with a dry cloth until the body feels slippery, you can obtain an even more glossy finish and water repelling performance.
5. A deeper gloss is obtained for every use of RH 3 after each car wash. The coating thickens, and improves durability as well.

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Name: Coating agent for automobile body
Application: Protection for car paint ยท Polishing coating
Ingredients: Silicon compound (does not contain abrasive material)

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